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The pages of our Internet presence serve to provide information on our company, our products and other services. They have been researched and collated very carefully and are updated constantly. Regardless of our own interest in the accuracy, completeness and immediacy of the content, we are unfortunately unable to assume any liability whatsoever for it, either explicitly or implicitly. These pages merely provide general information and do not in any way replace medical, commercial or other advice. For this reason, the assertion of or compensation for damage that results directly or indirectly from the use of the Internet pages and the information contained in them is precluded.

Should our Internet pages contain or make reference to information from third parties, then this information should not be perceived as representing recommendations on our part. As we do not check such information for its accuracy or immediacy or other legality, we are understandably unable to assume any liability for it.

The programme, its content, data, images, etc. are protected by copyright or by other industrial property rights. We would furthermore like to point out that all product names and other names marked accordingly are protected by trademark law. Any use, including reproduction, distribution and processing, is permissible only within legally stipulated limits and only with the consent of the entitled person.

We reserve the explicit right to change the content of the Internet pages at any time.


Podezření na nežádoucí účinky a další informace o bezpečnosti léčivých přípravků, případně podezření na nežádoucí příhody zdravotnických prostředků společnosti Berlin-Chemie/A.Menarini nám můžete nahlásit e-mailem: farmakovigilance@berlin-chemie.cz, telefonicky: + 420 267 199 333

Další možností pro pacienty a zdravotnické odborníky je hlásit nežádoucí účinky pomocí formuláře na stránkách SUKL:  http://www.sukl.cz/nahlasit-nezadouci-ucinek.
Vaše osobní údaje budou zpracovány podle platné legislativy.

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