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All about Espumisan
All about Espumisan

Espumisan® – for a modern, fast-paced world

We live in a fast-paced world. Our days are often packed with hectic work-schedules, meals to go and coffee to keep us active. And in this environment most people experience bloating and flatulence at some point. Our digestive system is as wondrous as it is sensitive. While bloating is often not seen as a serious illness, it can still disturb our confidence around others and be a hindrance to enjoy the time among friends and colleagues.

Fast relief from bloating with Espumisan®

Slowing down and eating healthy is often easier said than done. And this is where Espumisan comes into play. Espumisan’s active substance can quickly relieve you from that bloated feeling in the abdominal area and set you on the right track for a successful day!

Scientific studies have found evidence of the antifoaming efficacy for the active substance of Espumisan. It is effective in the treatment of gas-related digestive problems. 

How does Espumisan® work?

Many people know what it feels like to be full after a big meal. When there is an excessive amount of gas or air in the abdominal tract, we call that bloating. The belly feels full, hard, tight, or swollen. Passing gas gives a feeling of relief which is called flatulence.

But why does gas get stuck in our digestive system in the first place? Reasons for bloating can be manyfold and have not been completely understood by science. But usually they are related to problems in the intestinal gas production and transit. In a similar way to how you see little bubbles in soapy water, excess gas can be trapped in undigested food or mucus in our intestines or stomach. 

Espuminsan’s active substance alters the elasticity of those trapped gas bubbles. As the bubbles are broken up, the gas is liberated, which makes it easier for the gas to be eliminated by belching or passing flatus. 

When to take Espumisan®?

Bloating and flatulence are amongst the most frequent reported gastrointestinal symptoms during doctor visits. Reasons and intensity can vary much from person to person. Espumisan’s active ingredient Simethicone is a proven and effective remedy against bloating and flatulence. A single dose of Espumisan´s active substance brings quick relief from gas-related symptoms, like flatulence or a swollen belly. (1,13) Espumisan’s active substance Simethicone has been proven effective against bloating. There are several conditions and situations which may cause bloating:

  • Pregnancy, menstrual or menopausal bloating
  • Food sensitivities and intolerances may cause bloating
  • Infant colics
  • Stress may cause bloating
  • Debloating for doctoral appointments (examinations)

Does Espumisan® have side-effects?

The active ingredient Simethicone in Espumisan has been around for about 50 years. It has been well-studied and found to be virtually non-toxic. It works on a physical level on the gas trapped in undigested food and is not absorbed by the body. It can be taken for long-term treatment. It is easy to use and one dosage (two small pearls),. It’s suitable to be used by pregnant women and infants. Espumisan is sugar free and therefore particularly suitable for diabetics. Manufactured under strict quality control in Germany. 

Espumisan® – Fast relief for bloating!

Bloating and flatulence are normal. But our modern lifestyle can be very demanding. A stressful job, trying to juggle hobbies, family and social activity can lead to stress as can eating too much of fatty and otherwise unhealthy food types. Our digestive system cannot keep up, resulting in an excessive production of gas which can get stuck in our belly and make us feel full and bloated. Discomfort in the stomach and the fear of uncontrolled flatulence itself is a source of stress for many people. 

Simethicone, the active substance in Espumisan, offers fast and reliable relief. Its active ingredient Simethicone is a proven and effective remedy against bloating and flatulence. A single dose of the active substance of Espumisan brings fast relief from a wide range of gas-related symptoms, like flatulence or a swollen belly. 

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